You deserve quality firewood, which is why our firewood is seasoned to perfection for the best indoors or outdoor fires. Our woods smell and burn great and are perfect for camping, hunting, pit fires, etc….

About Piñon Firewood: "The piñon (Pinus edulis) is the official State Tree. This sturdy, slow-growing little evergreen flourishes over a vast area of the state." These piñon trees are "found in semi-arid regions of the west" and are "native to both Arizona and New Mexico". The fragrance of the wood, especially when burned, is unmistakable."

About Cedar Firewood: Cedar burns hot and fast, so it is great to get the fireplace fire started or the stove heated up quickly on a cold morning. Then switch to something else which burns longer. One feature people love is the unique, pleasant aroma associated with this wood. Now envision warming your home and enjoying this lovely aroma at the same time. What a delight! Many of our customers like to mix Piñon and Cedar wood together for an luxurious and fragrant firewood mix.

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